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If you need financing and do not want to go to the bank, within the market you will find a good number of companies willing to grant you private loans without having to put your home as collateral. Discover how these products are, what types of private loans without property you can hire and what requirements you must meet to approve your application.

We provide installment loans no credit check

When Spain went into crisis, the banks ignored the demand for financing by closing the credit tap, which facilitated the emergence of companies not supervised by the Bank of Spain. These companies have been offering private loans without property for several years, financial products that can be contracted without having to provide a property as collateral (the guarantee is personal). Let’s see what are the main types of non-bank loans without mortgage guarantee:

  • Miniloans: they are low-value products (up to € 1,000) that are granted in a matter of minutes and are returned very short-term, usually in a maximum of 30 days. These credits are specifically designed to solve specific contingencies that require a practically immediate economic response, such as paying a fine or repairing a fault.
  • Quick credits: unlike mini-credits, with these products we can obtain higher amounts of money (between € 500 and € 5,000) to be returned in up to 24 months. These private loans are also granted in a very short time, usually between a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of 24 or 48 hours.

Whatever the private loan with a personal guarantee that we want to contract, we can make our request through the Internet, since the vast majority of companies that offer these products have an online platform from which it is possible to complete all the procedures- INSTALLMENT LOANS – NO CREDIT CHECK IS NECESSARY TO APPLY.

Price of non-bank loans without mortgage guarantee

Non-bank loans without mortgage guarantee are granted much faster than traditional bank loans, but that speed has a high price. In the case of mini-credits, the interest applied is usually around 1.1% per day and the APR usually exceeds 3,000%, although this rate (which is annual) is not a good measure to calculate the price of these products, which have a refund period of about 30 days maximum. On the other hand, private loans without a higher guarantee have an interest that can range between 5% and 30% per month, depending on the amount and term selected and the risk profile of the client.

However, unlike banks, private companies that offer these products do not usually charge opening or study fees and many of them allow you to return the money early without additional cost (free early repayment). In addition, these companies do not include linked products (insurance, credit cards, pension plans) in their loans and do not require signing the contract before a notary, so we will save the costs of linking and payments to third parties.

Who can get a private loan with a personal guarantee?

By not providing a property as collateral, in order to obtain a private loan with a personal guarantee, it is essential to have enough income to be able to pay the installment or installments on time and be able to face, at the same time, all of our recurring expenses (mortgage or rent). , cost of supplies, etc). Of course, unlike banks, private equity companies will not require us to receive a payroll but will consider valid any type of regular income: a pension for retirement, an unemployment benefit, the salary of a self-employed worker, etc.

Likewise, most private lenders will not accept our request if our data appear in a file of defaulters such as ASNEF, RAI or EXPERIAN, although there are a few companies that do grant financing to customers who have this profile. However, many of them will not let us access their credits if the registered debt exceeds a certain amount (normally around € 1,000, although it may vary depending on the company) or comes from a financial institution.

Channels to request private loans without property

As we have said, the vast majority of companies that grant private loans without property have a website, so we can request and contract their products through a 100% online process. In this way, we will save a lot of time in paperwork and we will not have to move to a physical office. In addition, many companies also allow you to order your products through your mobile phone, either by text message (SMS), by your website adapted to reading by smartphone, through WhatsApp or through the mobile application of the lender itself.